Administrative Department is functionally divided into three Sections, namely

 Establishment Section                                                                      

Accounts Section and                           

Students & Examination Section

1. ESTABLISHMENT SECTION: It handles matters like -

i. Recruitment of teaching and non-teaching staff.

iiMaintaining their service records.

iii. Proposals for increments and promotions.

iv. Documentation at the time of joining / resignation / retirement.

v. Preparation of documents for submission to statutory bodies like Shivaji University Kolhapur, AICTE, DTE and Government of Maharashtra.


2. ACCOUNTS SECTION: This Section deals with -

iMaintenance of accounts

ii. Receipts and Payments

iii. Salaries of the staff

iv. Statutory payments like provident fund, income tax

v. Fees of the college, Disbursement of scholarships amount to students as per rules

vi. Any other issues related to institutional finance, receipts and payments etc.


3. STUDENT & EXAMINATION SECTION: This Section is responsible for -

i. Admission of students (all classes)

ii. Getting the eligibility of admitted students at FE/DSE/ME approved by Shivaji University, Kolhapur

iii. Getting merit list of admitted students of FE/DSE/ME approved by the Directorate of Technical Education/Admission Regulatory Authority/Govt of Maharashtra

iv. Maintenance of students record / General Register

v. Maintenance of scholarship records of reserved and other categories

vi. Issuing various certificates and transcripts to students

vii. Conduction of University P/O and Theory Examinations, Distribution and maintenance of results and revaluations data etc.