"National Sports Day  celebration at SETI,Panhala on 29/08/2018: Click here

 "First Year Welcome Function on 02/08/2018: NEWS



 "CONSTROTSAV-2K 18" event organized by CIVIL Deparment on 20/03/2018

 "Auto Spark2K18" event organized by Automobile Deparment on 10/02/2018

One day Workshop on "Intellectual Property Rights & Patenting" on 24/02/2018

EDC Event"Overseas Education & Opportunities "on 22/02/2018

Click here for more details

Electrical Deparment has successfully conducted the one week workshop on"Electrical CAD" from 2/01/2018 To 6/01/2018 under lead college activity:

Click here for more details


Internal Quality Assurance Cell,SETI,Panhala has organized Two Days workhop on "OBE Based Education and

Lesson Plan Preparation"on 27 & 28 Oct.2017: more details




Automobile Department has organized one day workhop

on "General Maintenance & Free check-up of Two Wheeler "on 19/09/2017:

under LEAD college activity in association with Kolhapur District Two Wheeler Mechanic Association(KD2MA).



NSS Organized Seminar on " Banning Chinese products and using indigenous products"on 23/08/2017:




First Year Induction Program on 1/08/2017:



Tree Plantation at Sanjeevan:


International Yoga Day Celebration on 21 June 2017:


FDP on "Emerging Trends in Cloud Computing" from 20/30/2017 To 22/03/2017 under Lead College Activity by CSE Department:






PARIKRAMAA 2017 - A NATIONAL LEVEL TECHNICAL EVENT on 15/03/2017 at 9.00 a.m.

 Entrepreneurship Developement Program organized by EDC Cell SETI on 11/03/2017: 



One day workshop on “Grid Connected Solar Roof Top & off Grid Projects” organized by Electrical Engineering Department on 11/03/2017,


 Project based learning competition on 03/03/2017:



Civil Deartment has successfully organized one week workshop on  "Municipal Submission Drawing Using CAD" from 17/01/2017 to 21/01/2017:






 SETI Annual Sports 2017 :




 One Week STTP on "Recent Trends in Manufacturing Process": 

Department of Mechanical Engineering conducted One Week STTP on "Recent Trends in Manufacturing Process" from 02 Jan 2017 to 06 Jan 2017.








Department of Automobile Engineering conducted one week STTP on "Computational Methods for Engineering Applications" approved by Indian Society for Technical Education 



 One Week FDP on PLC, LabVIEW & IoT.: 

One Week FDP on "Recent Trades in PLC,Lab VIEW & IOT" organized by Dept of ETC & Electrical. 





 Two Days Workshop On LATEX: 

Department of Computer Science & Engineering conducted Two days Workshop on LATEX








Institutes Second alumni meet successfully organized on 24/10/2016.

Alumni from the different departments actively gathered for the meet and shared their experiences. Hon. P.R.Bhosale , Hon N.R.Bhosale , Principal Dr. Mulgundand Dean Academic Mohite Patil madam expressed their views.Prof V. H. Deokar and his team of alumni cell coordinated this gala function. 



MOU with TATA Technologies:




NSS SETI Organised and Celebrated "Swachh Bhatat Abhiayan on the Occasion of Gandhi Jayanti" 






23rd and 24th September SETI Organised Iner- Zhonal Volleyball tournament. Where the winner of tournament  Devchand collage of Nipani.
NSS SETI Cell, Organised Road Safety Guidance and Awareness program:




One Day Workshop on “GENERAL MAINTENANCE OF TWO WHEELERS” 30TH SEPT., 2016 conducted by Automobile Department.




SETI conducted Inter Zonal Chess ( M & W ) tournaments on 07th and 8th September 2016:





“One Day Work on Intellectual Property Rights & Patenting",on  29 th Dec 2015: