OutCome Based Education



PO and PSOs




PEO:Program Educational Objectives 

After successful completion of the program:

PEO1: Work professionally in diverse areas of mechanical, thermal & allied engineering & demonstrate the abilities acquired.

PEO2: Engage successfully & grow in chosen career with concern for safety, health, environment & sustainability.

PEO3: Continue their learning as per the changing needs of the technology, profession & society.


PO:Program  Outcomes

PO1. Apply basic knowledge in mathematics, science and Mechanical Engineering to solve complex engineering problems.

PO2.Identify, formulate and solve Mechanical Engineering problems.

PO3.Design the solution for complex Mechanical Engineering problems through system component design or processes that meet the specified needs with appropriate considerations for public health, safety, cultural, societal and environmental considerations.

PO4.Use research based knowledge and research methods, conduct experiments, interpret and analyze the data and report the result.

PO5.Get familiar with modern engineering software tools and equipments to analyze Mechanical Engineering problems.

PO6.Understand the impact of Mechanical Engineering on society and demonstrate awareness of contemporary issues.

PO7.Apply Mechanical Engineering solutions in global and societal contexts.

PO8.Understand their professional and ethical responsibilities.

PO9.Work as a leader or a team member for various Mechanical Engineering curricular activities.

PO10.Communicate effectively on Mechanical Engineering problems with engineering community and with society at large in both verbal and written forms.

PO11.Apply the principles of project management and finance to Mechanical Engineering projects.

PO12.Understand self education and the value of life-long learning.


PSO:Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

PSO1: Apply engineering knowledge, practical skills in various streams of Mechanical Engineering such as Thermal, Design and Manufacturing.

PSO2: Utilize various modern tools such as ANSYS, MATLAB, and CATIA in different domains of industry.

PSO3: Get Employable in better engineering industries and pursue higher studies and research.



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